On the Road

Stan was a deep thinker who demonstrated mastery of his discipline by the ability to cast his material in clear, accessible form. But what I appreciate most was the fact that he was both a world-class theologian and an all-around goofy guy. One time we entered a remote country café for breakfast. Stan noticed a sign that read: “We no longer take credit cards anymore.” As we finished our meal, we amused each other by making up other such statements—all ending with “anymore.” And then I realized the existential implications . . . I had no cash—only a credit card!

Stan was my friend and the loss I feel is profoundly personal. For the last five years we team taught a Doctor of Ministry course on postmodernism and were looking forward to other ways to collaborate. I treasured his friendship. He was forever urging me to stretch myself professionally—beyond the pale of administrative work. He quoted a mentor who once cautioned: “The road to academic irrelevance is paved with the stones of administration.” Stan was an encourager.

Stan inspired me to do my best personally as well as professionally. He was a loving husband and father. Whenever he spoke of his family—especially of Edna—he swelled with loving pride. It has been said that those who lead best are those who influence most. As long my journey continues this side of eternity it will bear the impress of my dear friend and mentor.

The faculty and staff of George Fox Evangelical Seminary mourn the loss of a great colleague and friend and pray for God’s comforting peace to rest on the Grenz family and its many friends.

I will miss you, friend.

Yours faithfully,

Charles J. Conniry, Jr., Ph.D.
Director, Doctor of Ministry Program
George Fox Evangelical Seminary

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