On the Road


Grenz Returns to Carey

Stan's reappointment at Carey came on the heels of his realization–triggered by a constellation of developments that converged in late February-early March, 2003–that God was not releasing him and his wife (Edna) to move to Waco, but that they were to remain in Vancouver, even if so doing meant giving up the post at Baylor.


The chair in theology at the College that Stan fills is named in honour of the nineteenth century Baptist leader, Alexander McDonald, whose work as an evangelist and church planter in the Red River valley of Manitoba gained for him the nickname “Pioneer” and marks a crucial milestone in the genesis of the Baptist witness in Western Canada. In keeping with the legacy of Pioneer McDonald, Stan's primary role at Carey is to assist the College in fulfilling its mandate within the Baptist Union of Western Canada by serving “as the denominational theologian and consultant,” to cite the description penned by Carey's President, Dr. Brian Stelck. Within this wider responsibility, Stan will be teaching modular courses in the various academic programs of the College, as well as continuing his writing and speaking ministries.

Twelve years of experience on the Carey faculty (1990-2002) has made for a smooth transition back to the College. As Stan mused at the meeting of the Carey Board of Administration in late May, “Returning to Carey is like coming home.” For Edna, the decision to remain in Vancouver has meant that she has been able to continue her position as Minister of Worship at First Baptist Church.

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