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InterVarsity Press
168pp. (October  1996)
ISBN: 0830818782

Who Needs Theology?: An Invitation to the Study of God
By Stanley J. Grenz & Roger E. Olson

To many Christians today theology means something alien, overly intellectual and unappealing. Even seminarians are known to balk at it. Yet theology - most simply, the knowledge of God - is essential to the life and health of the church. In Who Needs Theology? two theologians who care profoundly about the witness of ordinary Christians show what theology is, how every believer (earned degrees or not) is a theologian, what tools theology uses, and how lay - as well as professional - theologians can do better theology. This clear, eminently accessible book is ideal for students, church study groups and individual laypersons who want to enrich their discipleship through the riches of theology.


"Grenz and Olson gently and persuasively disarm the suspicions that many sincere believers bring to the study of theology. They show that theology, rightly practiced, is indispensable to Christian living. At the same time they equip believers to begin the journey of living 'theologically.'"
 --Jonathan Wilson,, Westmont College

"I found this book extremely helpful and encouraging--a corrective to much confusing 'folk theology' as well as a stimulus to do serious, reflective thinking about God and his world. . . . A book for pastors and thoughtful laymen, who are encouraged to become maturing Christian thinkers."
 --Roger Frederickson, former president of the American Baptist Churches/USA

"Who Needs Theology? is a cri de coeur from two of North America's leading theological writers. Wide-ranging, impassioned and eminently readable, this book should be required reading for every student entering theological study at whatever level.
But it is also a book to put into the hands of every responsible pastor or layperson who seriously aspires to embrace the biblical mandate to 'love the Lord our God with all of our mind.'
In its own terms this is a prophetic writing whose holistic vision of heart, mind and will united in the service of God points a way back for evangelical Christianity from the cultural margins toward the high ground of cultural leadership and renewal."
 --Bruce Milne, senior minister of First Baptist Church, Vancouver, British Columbia

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