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Westminster John Knox Press
159 pages (May  1998)
ISBN: 0664257321

What Christians Really Believe and Why
By Stanley J. Grenz

Grenz places Christianity in the context of competing belief systems for today's seekers. Grenz presents the central tenets of the Christian faith clearly and concisely, conveying the major doctrines of the faith, God, humanity, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church and last things. Grenz poses questions that many Christians ask of their faith"Why believe at all?"; "Who is Jesus and what did he do?"to direct his study of Christian doctrine. Grenz contends that many North Americans now revel in God's immanence within the universe so much that God meshes almost completely with the world. Grenz contends that the Christian understanding of God actually seeks a balance between immanence and transcendence. Grenz argues that humankind can reach the goal of its quest only by turning from self toward the triune God as we leave behind our old identity and discover who we are created to be within the fellowship of the community of Christ. Grenz's guide is an accessible introduction to the Christian faith.


"Stan Grenz has a great capacity for making the intricacies of Christian belief accessible. There is a real hunger among us for this kind of theological reflection related to life concerns. Grenz not only knows his Christian theology, but he is able to express it in a way that is engaging, understandable, and life-changing."
--William H. Willimon, Dean of the Chapel and Professor of Christian Ministry, Divinity School, Duke University

"Stan Grenz has moved beyond the stale arguments over questions no one is asking anymore. This book presents Christianity as a fresh response to the confusing new issues of our day."
--M. Craig Barnes, Ph.D., pastor, National Presbyterian Church, Washington, D.C.

"Stan Grenz raises the questions that Christian believers really wonder about. In a contemporary world where 'anything goes,' he gives confident expression to the bedrock of Christian faith. Here is a book of encouragement for Christian believers and invitation to those searching for the truth."
--Leanne Van Dyk, Associate Professor of Theology, San Francisco Theological Seminary

"Stan Grenz exposes much popular spirituality as the odd blend of existential angst and vaporous, warmed-over Hinduism it really is. But is 'all is God' and 'you and I are God', that leaves the world a boring place with little hope for either world peace or finding a plumber on a weekend. Over against these vain imaginings of our divinity, Grenz boldly asserts our true humanity and introduces the Christian path to knowing the God beyond ourselves."
--David Neff, executive editor, Christianity Today.

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