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Westminster John Knox Press
304 pages (September 1997)
ISBN: 066425750X

Sexual Ethics 
By Stanley J. Grenz

In this biblically grounded study, Stanley Grenz synthesizes theology, ethics, and current medical research to offer an evangelical perspective on the profound role that sexuality does, and should, play in our lives today. He calls for Christians to live a biblical sexual ethic in the contemporary world, at the same calling on the church to recognize that its mandate includes being a reconciling community, one that proclaims God's grace to all.

Grenz says of this book: "My goal in this volume is to set forth a theological understanding of humans as sexual beings and of the sex act itself, and to explore the theological significance of marriage and singleness as contexts in which we express our sexuality. I then attempt to draw out some of the crucial ethical implications of this theological understanding. At the foundation of the discussion is the convconviction that a biblical view of huan sexuality carries ramifications for how we relate to one another as sexual beings, whether we are married or single. Hence, the following pages seek to address the ethics of fidelity vs. adultery, divorce, dating, and homosexual relationships. I explore other issues as well, however, including such practical questions as birth control and technological procreation."


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